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At Northstar with my two best friends, F2 and Tequila Sauza.  Together we make Team Ernesto.  Click here for mucho grande image suitable for Windows desktop background. You think you can beat me in a race? Well you cannot. That is the Ernesto promise.
I have good news for you ladies. Ernesto is available. No you cannot borrow this shovel.
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The silver board I call El Macho. On this board I blow down the mountain like a hot Santa Ana wind, and everyone is screaming and knows Ernesto is coming. The other board I call La Margarita, because she rides smooth and soft like a seƱorita.  You think you are man enough to race me after seeing these tools of speed?  I don't think that is likely.
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When I am done with you on the slopes, you give me a call, maybe I can do something about the weeds and filth surrounding your casa. You think can do it yourself, amigo?   How have you done so far?    Ha ha ha! That's what I thought.
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Now it is time for me to tell you something right now.  You think you are man enough to climb a tree like this?  I don't think that is going to happen.  Ha, Ha, Ha.  Now it is time to be serious. 
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Why is Ernesto so fast?  Because he races all year long.  On rocks, on find us some wet grass and we'll have a good race.